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About BHA 

Burlington Housing Authority (BHA), located in Burlington, Vermont, is leading the way in helping to end homelessness in our community, through a variety of strategic, innovative, and exceptional policies and initiatives.

BHA's talented and knowledgeable team promotes access to affordable housing for the most vulnerable members of our community, prioritizing rental subsidies, affordable housing, and support services to extremely low-income members of our community, enabling them to obtain and retain safe, affordable, permanent housing.

BHA provides federally-funded rental subsidies that make housing truly affordable for extremely low-income families - those earning at or below 30% of median income - by reducing the tenant's portion of rent and utilities to 30% of their income. 


All Burlington-area residents have quality, stable, and affordable housing.


Provide low-income, vulnerable members of our community access to safe, affordable housing and retention support services in ways that encourage stability, improve quality of life, end homelessness, and foster vibrant neighborhoods.

How significant is BHA's impact? Currently we:

  • Distribute $25 million in rental subsidies each year to help 2,500 families in our community,
  • Own and/or operate approximately 680 affordable housing units located close to downtown, schools, and transportation, and 
  • Provide housing retention support and services that help hundreds of households avoid eviction each year.


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