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Property Management

BHA is committed to actively managing and maintaining its properties to ensure safe, comfortable homes to its residents. We do this by employing a knowledgeable and empathetic team of property managers who are dedicated to our mission of promoting access to safe, decent, and affordable housing for the most vulnerable members of our community. BHA's property managers are supported by an equally knowledgeable and professional building operations team dedicated to maintaining our properties to the highest standards.

We are also supported by the housing retention team, that helps residents avoid eviction. BHA's housing retention team and property managers work together to identify issues and help residents get back on track.

We also offer the benefit of a resident services team that helps build a sense of community at many of our properties by providing enriching programming and wellness support, as well as retention services that address individual household challenges and/or connect families with community services. See Site-based Services for more discussion of resident support.

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