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Building Operations

BHA employs a team of talented, customer-focused professionals who work tirelessly to maintain and enhance our properties for the benefit of our residents. Please follow the procedures below to request support or assistance :

Work Order Request Procedures:

To report a non-emergency work order request

During regular work hours, please report all maintenance and work order requests to the building operations department at 802-658-1750 or use the non-emergency work order request link below. There is no charge for routine repairs needed due to normal wear and tear. We encourage residents to report routine maintenance repairs promptly. Charges may result if you fail to report routine repairs and further damage occurs.

Submit A Work Order Request Here

To report an emergency work order request 

If you have a maintenance emergency, please call 802-658-1750. Do not submit an emergency work order request via our website. When leaving a message, be sure to give your name, contact information and address with a brief description of the issue. Staff will contact you directly to resolve the issue. 

What might justify an emergency work order?
  • Smoke alarm not working properly
  • No heat
  • Major water leak
  • Toilet overflow
  • Elevator malfunction
  • Electrical failure
  • No hot water
  • Broken window or entry door/lock
  • Refrigerator malfunction

Please note that we cannot respond to non-emergency requests with the urgency with which we treat emergency requests. If you insist on immediate attention to a non-emergency call, you will be charged a minimum of two hours of labor at the overtime rate.

If you have a life-threatening emergency such as a fire, criminal activity or health matters, call 911 immediately.

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