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  • 65 Main Street, Suite 101
    Burlington, Vermont, 05401
  • Phone : 802-864-0538
  • Fax : 802-658-1286
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    • Monday 8:30am - 4:00pm
    • Tuesday 8:30am - 4:00pm
    • Wednesday 8:30am - 4:00pm
    • Thursday 8:30am - 6:00pm
    • Friday 8:30am - 4:00pm
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If you feel like you have been discriminated against and would like to file a report please click HERE.

To contact our 504 Coordinator please see the contact information for Laura Zeliger, Executive Director of BHA.
For Information on the VAWA ACT please click HERE.
If you have limited English communication and need further assistance, please click HERE

Staff Directory

Executive Team

Zeliger, Laura
Executive Director
802-864-0538 x254
Hibbard, Nicholas
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
802-864-0538 x221
Kingston, Richard
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
802-864-0538 x 201


Marchand, Sabrina
Office Manager
802-864-0538 x279

Asset Management

Metcalf, Jeffrey
Director of Asset Management
802-864-0538 x225
Winegar, Rich
Construction Project Manager
802-864-0538 x283
DeSisto, James
Construction Project Specialist
802-864-038 x284

Building Operations

Aldrich, Peter
Building Operations Technician
Gaynon, Tim
Building Operations Technician
Huntley, Tyson
Building Operations Technician
McGarghan, Brad
Building Operations Technician
Meffe, Kevin
Building Operations Technician
Provost, Julie
Building Operations Administrative Coordinator
Roucoulet, Edmond
Building Operations Specialist


Chan, Catherine
Staff Accountant - R/A
802-864-0538 x205
Edwards, Bonnie
Staff Accountant - A/P
802-864-0538 x215
Furr, Carole
Staff Accountant - A/R
802-864-0538 x244

Housing Retention

Jones, Crystal
Director of Housing Retention and Services
802-864-0538 x202
Brownlow, Kristen
Offender Reentry Housing Specialist
Couture, Sarah
Senior SASH Coordinator
Dziobek, Elizabeth
Supportive Programs and Services Manager
Muncil, Mary
Supportive Housing Services Coordinator
Rabin, Becky
SASH Coordinator II
White, Jamaica
Housing Retention Specialist

Human Resources

Farnham, Melissa
Director of Human Resources
802-864-0538 x219

Property Management

Bixby, Stephanie
Director of Property Management
802-864-0538 x216
Barrows, Justin
Occupancy Specialist
802-864-0538 x228
Bishop, Charles
Senior Property Manager
802-864-0538 x263
McCormick, James
Property Manager
802-864-0538 x203
Mayo, Michelle
Property Portfolio Manager
802-864-0538 x208
Perry, Jennifer
Compliance & Property Management Specialist
802-864-0538 x200
Thomas, Marc
Property Manager
802-864-0538 x257

Rental Assistance

Whitmore, Liz
Director of Rental Assistance
802-864-0538 x250
Almeida, Stephanie
Program Specialist II
802-864-0538 x243
Ballard, Lisa
Program Specialist II
802-864-0538 x223
Desautels, Richard
Housing Inspector
802-864-0538 x280
Gee, Matthew
Special Programs Rental Assistant
802-864-0538 x207
Laquerre, Joe
Housing Inspector
802-864-0538 x218
Leclair, Anthony
Housing Inspector
802-864-0538 x234
Mara, Caty
Rental Assistant Specialist
802-864-0538 x213
Moss, Marlena
Rental Assistance Specialist
802-864-0538 x220
Perry, Wanda
Rental Assistance Specialist II
802-864-0538 x240
Sherwin, Bailey
FSS Coordinator
802-864-0538 x235
Stafford, Jennie-Lynn
Senior Team Leader
802-864-0538 x238
Sullivan, Megan
FSS Coordinator
802-864-0538 x227
Turner, Angela
HCV Intake Specialist
802-864-0538 x258
Thibault, Taylor
Rental Assistance Programs Manager
802-864-0538 x267
Vidal, Josh
HQS Inspector Team Lead

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