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Offender Re-Entry Housing Program

The Burlington Housing Authority's Offender Re-Entry Housing Program (ORHP) helps participants who are returning to, residing in, and under Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC) supervision in Chittenden County to find and maintain sustainable and permanent housing.

Participants may face a range of barriers to obtaining and maintaining independent housing. ORHP staff will work with DOC staff to help the participant with paying rent and utility bills on time, attending mandatory meetings, engaging in restorative support systems, and abiding by the terms of the lease. Open communication between the landlord, the participant, DOC, and the ORHP is essential to success in this program.

Offender Re-Entry Housing Program Eligibility Criteria: 

Participants must:

  • Be returning to and/or living in Chittenden County, Vermont, be under supervision with the Vermont Department of Corrections, and be referred by the Probation and Parole District Manager
  • Have at least one year left on their current sentences
  • Have an employment plan put in place upon release or be receiving SSI or SSDI, as this program does not provide subsidies
  • Agree to meet regularly with the ORHS (Offender Re-Entry Housing Specialist) weekly, biweekly, or monthly as determined by the ORHS staff for up to one year

Referral Protocol For Probation/Parole Officers (POs)

Please review the ORHP description and eligibility criteria above, then complete the referral in the DOC Offender Management System (OMS) under the "transitional housing referral" tab, and wait for the district manager of Burlington Probation and Parole to accept the referral. Once it's been accepted, the ORHS will set up a time to interview the participant and collaborate to complete the release of information, ORHP application, and service plan. 

For more information about this program, please use the contact information below:

Kristen Brownlow
Offender Re-Entry Housing Specialist

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