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Important information for our current participants to ensure compliance with program requirements:

Report Income Changes:

Please remember to report income changes of $200 in gross income per month or more in writing within 10 days of the date of the change. Use the interim recertification application to report these changes.

Notify BHA of Household Member Changes: 

Please report changes in household members to BHA in writing prior to the additional individual(s) moving in. In some cases, BHA and/or your landlord must approve such proposed changes. You must also report members leaving the household prior to or at the time they move. Please call or visit BHA's office to report these changes. Our staff will provide you with guidance and appropriate forms to complete.

Annual Compliance Tasks:

All households must complete annual recertifications and annual/biennial inspections to continue receiving rental assistance through our programs. This includes verifying that residences continue to meet Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and that household income and other information is accurate and current.

Moving with Continued Rental Assistance:

If you are planning to move, please let our staff know well ahead of time. All participants must schedule and attend a move briefing at which paperwork and important information regarding the move process is provided.

Additional programs available to Section 8 participants:

Eligible Section 8 participants may also qualify for our Family Self-Sufficiency orHomeownership Option. Please click below to find out more information on these programs. 

BHA takes all cases of fraud seriously and uses tools that are in place to assist and detect instances of fraud. Click the fraud information sheet below to learn more about these instances. 

If you are aware of someone committing fraud on one of our programs, please report it to us as soon as possible by calling our main office at 802-864-0538. You do not need to give your name or contact information to report fraud, but it is much more useful to have a complaint in writing with a source. 



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