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Frequently Asked Questions For Landlords 

Who qualifies for Section 8 assistance?

Anyone who meets the income guidelines set by The U.S. Department and Urban Development (HUD) qualifies for Section 8 assistance. Applicants must apply to the Burlington Housing Authority and be placed on the waiting list. BHA only determines eligibility for the program; we do not screen for rental history or suitability. You are responsible for screening applicants, as you would any other renter.

How do I rent my unit to a Section 8 participant?

Participants in the Section 8 Voucher program are responsible for locating their own units and will come to you if they are aware that you have a vacant unit.

You can contact the Burlington Housing Authority.

You also need to make sure your unit meets Housing Quality Standards (HQS). Once you and your prospective tenant have reached an agreement and completed some minimal paperwork, we will inspect your unit. If the unit passes inspection and the paperwork is complete, we will  process a Housing Assistance Payment Contract (HAP) and begin monthly payments. Renters must pay their security deposits and the portion of the rent we determine to be their responsibility directly to you.

How much rent may I charge?

In all cases, the rent must be comparable to unassisted units in the area. BHA will review the rent you are proposing to charge to ensure that it is reasonable. If the rent is reasonable and the renter will be paying less than 40 percent of their adjusted income for rent and utilities, we will process the rent you request.

What are the benefits of working with the Section 8 program?

  • Timely payment of monthly subsidy' payments are made via direct deposit.
  • Pool of participants' over 2,100 families participate in our program locally.
  • Minimal paperwork 'you may use your own lease' BHA will prepare the paperwork HUD requires.
  • Property inspections' BHA independently inspects the condition of your property to confirm it meets HUD Housing Quality Standards at no cost to you.

If you are a current landlord and would like to access monthly payments details please click the link below. 


HMS PAL Landlord Payment Detail - This portal will be removed in 2021


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